Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War

Jim Carrey — 'You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.' 

Behind every fear is a person you want to be. Fear is self-imposed, meaning it doesn't exist. You create it. You can destroy it too. You face your fears and become the person you want to be. You run from your fears, you're not living. You are alive but you do not dig in the freedom. You are not running the day, the day is running you. We all fall down in life. The question is: Who get's back up?

Most of us allow themselves to live in their fears and routines instead of facing and destroying them, and I'm surprised from a lot of close people who are refusing change, refusing to face their fears, people who get up for no reason.

Is this you? 

You have to fight for what you believe in, for what you want and trust me no one will ever take your side, it's going to be tough, dark and painful. But it's worth it. 

One of the things that inspire me in life is "ARMY"... Because being a soldier is more than courage it's sacrificing yourself for something greater than yourself. Do you have that thing? 

Everything is okay in the end, if it's not ok, then it's not the end.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

here and there...

Life has a way of kicking us when we’re down. And just when we think we can’t fall any lower, we get kicked again.

But it’s important to remember that setbacks, failures, and tragedy are a part of life.

Whether we manage to find joy and success in the daily struggle of life is largely dependent on our ability to persevere through even the toughest adversity without ever giving up.

remember that life isn’t always bad.

These seemingly long stretches of fear, disappointment, pain and heartache are just brief, insignificant moments of time that will pass.

“The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it. Skilful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.” – Epicetus
Source: www.keepinspiring.me 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Coffee?

“I think everybody has ups and downs in their lives. We learn from the biggest disappointments, right? You learn how to be humble to yourself and to be humble to others.” ~ Carolina Kostner

You know, lately, I have been feeling very strange. Strange in the sense that one moment I’m up, flying high, feeling ecstatic and grateful. While the next moment, I am down!!

But every time I feel down I just remember my goals and plans, it works with me so fast, it's my cigarettes of motivation, what keeps me alive or what makes me jump from the bed every morning. 

Yup, it's motivation. 

Every time I remember this word or even say it, I feel the positive vibes around. But, what is motivation as a process or as a definition?

A motive is an impulse that causes a person to act.

Motivation is an internal process that makes a person move toward a goal. Motivation, like intelligence, can’t be directly observed. Instead, motivation can only be inferred by noting a person’s behavior.

Researchers have proposed theories that try to explain human motivation. These theories include drive reduction theories and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. "Sparknote.com"

In 2010, I had my very first English conversation with a stranger, it lasted 5 seconds, I was out of words not only in English, Arabic as well. Since then, I was thinking so deeply why I have to be like this, should I blame that fact that I grow up in Romania, learning Arabic, Romanian and some French? or to blame the very poor English education in Jordan?

Nop, I blamed myself, and this was my internal motivation to act.

This is how motivation sounds like, but have you ever wondered how Motivation works? 

We move toward perceived pleasure and away from perceived pain.
If we say we want to do something but don't, it's not necessarily because we are not motivated.

More likely, it's because we have the belief that doing it will somehow be more painful than not doing it. 

But when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change, we take action and change take place almost instantly.

He who turns himself into a beast gets rid of the pain of being a man.

Till next time...

Monday, September 5, 2016

Human. Being

It took me months to have the time to write again, and every time I want to write about marketing, digital or e-commerce the chemistry of my brain says: Do it on LinkedIn. 

So, deal with it.

When I was a kid, I was labelled "bad boy" for many reasons, and i wouldn't disagree with them.  I scared the hell out of my parents when i jumped from the first floor to our garden because they told me "You don't have the courage".  It was not a good idea, though. 

We all have a tendency to lose touch with what we loved as a child. Something about the social pressures of adolescence and professional pressures of young adulthood squeezes the passion out of us. We’re taught that the only reason to do something is if we’re somehow rewarded for it.

I used to build things, I used to dismantle things and re-build them again, it was a passion, Not because I wanted to impress my parents or teachers. But for the sheer joy of it. But I stopped for some time and I don't remember why!

Until I faced the reality and took the decision to build things online. It was absolutely the simplest thing to do. I start to read more, attend workshops, meet people do the same thing, and it worked.

We all were passionate about something, and we stopped doing it because of many reasons, but are you pursuing what do you really want in life? 

Finding the "WHY" of your life is much more important than anything else, during the journey of finding the "WHY" expect to eat your favourite flavour of shit sandwich. 

For many of us, the enemy is just old-fashioned complacency. We get into our routines. We distract ourselves. The couch is comfortable. The food is good. And nothing new happens. But if you had one more year to live what would you do?

I will tell my little dirty secret, it takes courage to find the "why".
So, do you have the courage? 

Monday, April 25, 2016

There are only two ways to influence human behavior

You can manipulate it or you can inspire it!

It's a title for a quick article I wrote back in October 2015. Six months later I'm writing again about the same topic, which is a quote from the one who I admire, and I believe that he was a part of my growth, Simon Sinek.
During our lives, we meet different people, most of them are really good and for sure some of them are bad, but keep in mind only one thing, both of them will teach you a lesson!

"There are two kinds of pains, sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain, sort of pain that's only suffering. I have no patience for useless things.” --Frank Underwood.

I've noticed, in work, relationships and even in families, that you can influence people around you by, fear or inspiration.

If you show them the insecure side, they will follow you because they will see you as the savior and if you inspired them which eventually will lead to showing them the great side of them, they will also follow you.

Let me put it in a nice way.

Managers don't get paid for what they do but rather for the performance of their people; therefore, a manager's most important job is coaching behaviors in order to improve performance.

Leading is not the same as being the leader. Being the leader means you hold the highest rank, either by earning it, good fortune or navigating internal politics. Leading, however, means that others willingly follow you —
Not because they have to, not because they are paid to, but because
they want to.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chapter 1:2

I sometimes believe that our greater culture likes being overly negative and pessimistic. We love over-criticizing everything, having no hope for beautiful things and losing fond admiration for the silly, whimsical aspects of life. It's an attitude that I believe is corrupting our capability to strive for greatness in our lives.

Truth is, if you want to be great in this life, you have to model that greatness in your thinking and to see it in others.

You have to open your eyes up to the beauty in front of you and celebrate it. Only then will we be in the right mindset to enact change in our culture.

It is no longer a secret that what you give out is what you get. And if you constantly swear and are unhappy, well, then you will often find yourself in unhappy situations. Yet, I have found that every single one of us has, at least, some control over their situations. And it all starts in reactions and mindset.

When facing a problem, there are two ways you can look at it – as a problem, or a challenge to find a solution to. Your perspective on it will change the way you handle it. If you then handle it in a positive, hopeful way, chances of resolving it are so much higher.

If we constantly assume other people act with negative intentions, the world will start to look a lot bleaker. Maybe the person who cut you off on the road is in a rush due to an emergency or just isn’t paying attention.

It’s impossible to know the true reasoning behind other people’s actions, so it is much easier to assume the best of people, rather than to assign “assh*le!” to everyone.

I really want you to take a moment, think about someone you love, you like or even someone you respect. I will not ask you to tell them anything, but just appreciate the fact that they exist in your life. 

This is what life is about, a matter of perspective, you can turn it into a beautiful place to live or a hell to punish yourself everyday. See the beauty around you, inside you and in others. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Chapter 1:1

It took me 2 months almost to have the guts to write again, every time I read the last post, I freak out, a little bit, was that me? Maybe!

But whatever, i see this blog as a place to arrange chaos of my thoughts.

I'm always pursuing the true meaning of life, the purpose or the goal, this is what my blog is about, and I can't say I found my purpose 100% yet, but I'm trying and I will never stop. 

The whole story started when I was 19, I asked myself “What should I do with my life?” or “What is my life purpose?” But what I was actually asking is: “What can I do with my time that is important?”

This is an infinitely better question to ask. It’s far more manageable and it doesn't have all of the ridiculous baggage that the “life purpose” question does.

There’s no reason for you to be contemplating the cosmic significance of your life while sitting on your couch all day eating popcorn, which I do often, ok sometimes. Rather, you should be getting off your ass and discovering what feels important to you.

All the chapters you have written. Remember the moments that came before when you had this same doubt and overcame it. You can go as far as you let yourself go. Let go and you will soar farther that you’ve ever imagined.

The road ahead is pock-marked with many bumps, chasms and forks. There will be times where you want to give up and throw everything in. Don’t. By turning challenges into opportunities, you will find the success you never realised you were capable of achieving. But you won’t always succeed.

In fact, you will fail time and time again. That’s ok though because failure is an inevitable part of every personal and entrepreneurial journey. It’s important to pick yourself up, retrace your steps, look at what went wrong, and learn from your mistakes.

Let your dreams guide your path. Keep the people you love and respect close to you. Don’t be afraid to delegate responsibility. Don’t let the naysayers deter you. Do things your own way.

But. There are some things, some people, some attitudes, and some feelings that you have experienced that you just need to let go, because they are preventing you from living your greatest life! You are in charge. Exercise your power by consciously looking and asking the question..."How is this serving me by holding on to this attitude, anger, lack of forgiveness, grudge, or negative emotion?" Stop allowing these things to rob you of your peace of mind, happiness and well-being.

Let it go so that you can grow and prosper. Make the decision to release anything that is unbecoming of you, and that does not represent your highest and best thinking. This is easier said than done. It requires work, becoming deliberate and consciously aware of your feelings. No person beside your family and your soulmate worth sacrificing being joyfully enthusiastic about your life and health. Look for many ways to increase laughter, joy and love in your daily experience. You Deserve!
- Les Brown

The devil whispers you cannot withstand the storm....The warrior replied I am the storm and I want some burger.