Sunday, April 19, 2015

Where's that Box?

Let me start this time with a question. What is the value of your certificate? and how much did you spend to make a "Life event post on Facebook" Saying "Graduated from xx university"?

It's really funny and awkward the amount of money we spent to study. i'm sure that this thing doesn't apply on all of us but seriously it's a ridiculous amount of money.

From my personal experience, I spent hell amount of money to get that paper were they wrote on it my name in a ridiculous font! So, i'm grateful for it because it grantee me an INTERVIEW!

I've spent 6 years studying, two years for diploma and 4 for the bachelor degree, i don't denied that i got a good education and I've met some teachers that they will remain in my memory till the end of everything because they inspired me and bring out the best of me. 

But, is it enough?

I don't think at all.

During our studies, first job and from our communities we keep hearing them saying "Out of the box"
1- Your answers were out of the box. "School"
2- Please come up with out of the box idea. "Work"
3- He/She is successful because they think out of the box. "Community" 

Yeah! this is how we all grew up. Okay, not all, Most of us. they keep telling us things they don't understand just to satisfy their needs. In school, family, community. But you know what is the SHAME, we believed them. At least me.

I had some issues to understand the concept of "Out of the box" for many years, i knew that its creativity in our modern world. But why?

Why only out of the box? and why people or most of them limits their minds to TWO things in or out of the box?

I have many questions that needs answers, but i found a way to skip over these things! I don't think inside the box nor out of the box.

I don't see your box at all!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

That moment,,

It was 8 in the morning and I'm late to my work.

The coffee is ready to kick my brain and my cigarette in the process of being blessed. Like any typical morning!!

But,, for a minute i start thinking about my whole life.. Oh i forget to tell ya, i was in the bathroom, my second favorite spot in my home.

Like a short video the last 5 years passed in 5 seconds, school, the 3 part time jobs and everyone I've met in these years!! But the big bang question just kicked off. ""What makes you wake up everyday in the morning??""

Ohlala!! not easy one, right? Passion, big dreams, love my job, money or maybe family?? I was thinking that i found the answer of this question since "21/01/2010" the night that changed my whole life. But wait you don't know the answer.. me whispering!

The 6th alarm start to shout and i hate it as much as i hate WINE! After i snooze it.. Dude, seriously speaking WTF do you want from your life?  Why the hell you exist?? the fight just start and i light up my second cigarette. Me: I want to redefine what i love to do!! E-commerce and digital marketing.

But is that enough?? the inspiring guy just woke up! is this what are you living for?  Hmmm.. No i have many goals.. Name it then: .....

I was on my way out of my home, i closed the door and heading to the elevator... But it's still missing, and i have no fuckin clue what is it. i stepped back going home and i stand in front of my fridge were i placed all the meaningful words and i start reading out fucking loud my HOLY MORNING WORDS. Call it whatever you want, for me those words made me achieve what i thought is impossible.

Dreams.. Pain...Success .. Again repeat! Long breath... RELEASE! it feels better, right? Life is tough on all of us, but in order to reach where you want to be, You should Never Ever Forget -

I'm writing this to remind myself about one thing! Your goals in the last 5 years already achieved, since 21/01/2015.

Time to take a break and re-arrange the future.