Saturday, November 21, 2015


There’s a moment he will recall forever of her walking towards him along the winter path. They had arranged to meet beside the sea.

She looked so beautiful, wrapped in a knee length fur lined coat with red hat gracefully balanced atop her vivid hair.

The detail remained as sharp as ever.
Why didn’t he tell her he loved her there and then?
Why didn’t he announce it to the world?

He knew why he couldn’t speak and it stung his soul. He knew why and burned inside with the knowledge.

He had grown up in a home where love remained silent; an absent emotion that withered on the vine. He knew this as he took her hand, kissed her cheek, paid her a silly compliment about her frozen nose and made small talk as they headed towards the warmth of a restaurant.

She wasn’t his, of course.

He possessed no one and had given his soul to none. He was a man inviolate. She was all too briefly a part of his life, but he should have spoken. He should have told her, “I love you for all that you are.”
Instead he smiled and laughed, bought coffee and cake, laced the conversation with a multitude of interesting facts.

And she never knew, unless she knew, feeling discretion to be the better part of tact.
Afterwards he let her go, though it tore his heart to do so; when all he wanted was to hold her tight, to breathe in the perfume of her life.

He knew she had to leave; she wasn’t his to keep, he had merely borrowed her from another who adored her as much as he did.

On that day, her eyes were bright with life. She held the vitality of an unconquered spirit within her precious soul.

She seemed so small, so slender, so in touch with all he wanted and needed from a love. His sole desire was to sweep her into his arms and hold her close.

Love can last forever, or may last the length of a pleasant afternoon.

Given the confusion in his heart and all he subsequently discovered what he found was that love will light the fires of memory for an eternity of time.

In all the years following, and each time they met, he never stopped loving her or allowed the experience of that day to slip away. And though he was destined to meet a beautiful woman with whom he exchanged vows, how could he ever forget?

But why didn’t he speak?

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Deeper meaning?

As you learn and grow, so do your friendships and relationships. I really noticed this when I started committing to a spiritual/motivational practice everyday. My circle of friends completely shifted. 

It’s not a “good” or “bad’ thing, but it’s important to understand that throughout our lives, people are going to fall away. And who knows, they might be back, but all you do know now is that you’ve learned all that you can from each other at this time.

Having a spiritual awakening is realizing that there is more to life than what you have been taught to believe. There is more to you, the universe, and the human experience than just paying the bills and joining the rat race.

Something within you begins to detect that there is deeper meaning waiting to be discovered, and as you begin to detect this, your mind, body, and soul begin to transform.

As you begin to awaken, you become more interested in the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Going out and wasting your time every weekend stops appealing to you, and the ways you used to spend your spare time now seem useless and redundant.

Your curiosity switches to wanting to understand the infinite world of potential that resides within you.

When your soul comes alive inside you, your entire lifestyle begins to change. Your diet, relationships, past times, and hobbies all take a dramatic transformation. Things that no longer serve your transformation start to fade away. It’s very common that people begin to distance themselves from old friends, old habits, and old ways that they no longer have anything in common with.

As you start to live in your truth, life becomes more light, and fear begins to subside. You stop caring about what other people think about you. You no longer worry and stress over things like social reputation, popularity, and seeking approval, because your sense of identity comes from something much deeper than that.

As you being to have a personal relationship with God, you begin to trust more. When the trust is strengthened, fear disappears.

If you're going through this, accept what is and be open to the charm that's about to enter your life. So much pain and so many problems come from resisting our growth, and wanting to stay in old patterns even when they no longer serve us.

You no longer have to hide from your truth, start embracing it and start living it today.

Till we meet again!