Monday, February 1, 2016

Chapter 1:1

It took me 2 months almost to have the guts to write again, every time I read the last post, I freak out, a little bit, was that me? Maybe!

But whatever, i see this blog as a place to arrange chaos of my thoughts.

I'm always pursuing the true meaning of life, the purpose or the goal, this is what my blog is about, and I can't say I found my purpose 100% yet, but I'm trying and I will never stop. 

The whole story started when I was 19, I asked myself “What should I do with my life?” or “What is my life purpose?” But what I was actually asking is: “What can I do with my time that is important?”

This is an infinitely better question to ask. It’s far more manageable and it doesn't have all of the ridiculous baggage that the “life purpose” question does.

There’s no reason for you to be contemplating the cosmic significance of your life while sitting on your couch all day eating popcorn, which I do often, ok sometimes. Rather, you should be getting off your ass and discovering what feels important to you.

All the chapters you have written. Remember the moments that came before when you had this same doubt and overcame it. You can go as far as you let yourself go. Let go and you will soar farther that you’ve ever imagined.

The road ahead is pock-marked with many bumps, chasms and forks. There will be times where you want to give up and throw everything in. Don’t. By turning challenges into opportunities, you will find the success you never realised you were capable of achieving. But you won’t always succeed.

In fact, you will fail time and time again. That’s ok though because failure is an inevitable part of every personal and entrepreneurial journey. It’s important to pick yourself up, retrace your steps, look at what went wrong, and learn from your mistakes.

Let your dreams guide your path. Keep the people you love and respect close to you. Don’t be afraid to delegate responsibility. Don’t let the naysayers deter you. Do things your own way.

But. There are some things, some people, some attitudes, and some feelings that you have experienced that you just need to let go, because they are preventing you from living your greatest life! You are in charge. Exercise your power by consciously looking and asking the question..."How is this serving me by holding on to this attitude, anger, lack of forgiveness, grudge, or negative emotion?" Stop allowing these things to rob you of your peace of mind, happiness and well-being.

Let it go so that you can grow and prosper. Make the decision to release anything that is unbecoming of you, and that does not represent your highest and best thinking. This is easier said than done. It requires work, becoming deliberate and consciously aware of your feelings. No person beside your family and your soulmate worth sacrificing being joyfully enthusiastic about your life and health. Look for many ways to increase laughter, joy and love in your daily experience. You Deserve!
- Les Brown

The devil whispers you cannot withstand the storm....The warrior replied I am the storm and I want some burger.