Sunday, March 1, 2015

@OoredooQatar Your ignorance level is ridiculous!

Ooredoo Qatar​ has a new department called " IGNORANCE"

I've submitted my application for internet broadband in first of December hoping to have the service within 1 - 2 weeks.

Suddenly, I figured out that the electricity No in my apartment is taken by another neighbor, so i called them to make sure that they know what is happening and to know if i can get the service!!

Their answer wasn't clear; we will send one of our team to make sure you will get the service. They said.

I went to their branch making an official complaint, it was easy and quick and they told me we will make it urgent complaint so they can look into it ASAP.

Call after call. with no result...But after i start kicking them on #twitter a guy called me to ask about my address so he can come and fix the issue, i gave him the address hoping this is the end of this stupid nightmare.

And again with no results!!

On the 17th of Feb they followed me back on twitter and DM-ing me  asking about info. I Provided them with everything and i asked them one thing. Please make sure it will not take another 60 days..

And the answer is like always: "we are checking your request & will update you as soon as we hear from the concerned"

The last Dm from them was on 21st of FEB telling me they will get back to me!!!! We are in March if I'm not mistaken.

I'm not in a mad rush to have the service! but all i asked for is to know where do i stand with my application.

Tips for your newly IGNORANCE people:

1- Don't ever make your customer feel that they know more than you do! Because you will look like a child with a pinkish lollipop.

2- On Twitter you have only 72 hrs to respond! after that its #FAIL

3- I'm talking to a brand on social media not with departments, so don't keep telling me " we will check with the concerned department" Go check and give me the conclusion.

I hate doing this!! But you guys pushed my nerves.

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