Sunday, May 3, 2015

Men in Kitchen!

I still remember my mother when she gave me a small paper were she wrote on it some basic recipes like how to make rice and some steak. I was in the airport heading to Doha, i thought its a prayer to read or some sort of motivation words!

After couple of months in Doha she called me and she asked if i start cooking, i had to lie and say: Yes, I've cooked some dishes, but i had no clue that to be in kitchen is so tough job.

I used to live on some tuna, burger, ORDERING FOOD and when i'm really excited i was doing some tuna salad, but after my experience in food poisoning for the second time, i had to stop this shit right away!

I end up in hospitals taking the same medicine and feeling the same rough pain, so i had to decide what sort of food i'm going to live on. 

It's not really an easy process for a man who only know how to cook some toast and cheese. The first time i tried to do something the fire alarm went on! You can picture me.

After two years of living alone i learned how to make rice, steak and some omelet which i think it's good for a single man. 

10 things you don't know about men in kitchen:

1- Men don't know shit about kitchen.
2- We don't check the expiry dates, we just eat.
3- We buy food we don't know how to cook, curious creatures.
4- All our food is awesome and yummy!
5- If the fire alarm went on it might be the neighbor not us.
6- If we succeed in cooking anything, we don't know how to store it.
7- We see the same things in the fridge for months but we don't know when is the right time to eat it. 
8- They feel they've cooked something when they make popcorn.
9- we always throw more than we consume.
10- Men don't know shit about kitchen.

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