Thursday, May 14, 2015

What makes you different from others?

I was in the street waiting for a taxi after a long day in work. Many friends are calling to go party but i didn't felt like going for many reasons, the 3rd taxi stopped and asked me: Where are you going?
I answered thinking that he will reject because i'm living in the middle of the traffic in Doha.

I'm going there to have my dinner, come buddy! He said, the Indian music in the background staring from my window to people, cars and buildings.

He start to ask me the typical questions from any taxi driver, where are you from, where do you work? I used to answer these question while i'm thinking about something else and i was thinking about a question kicked me badly. What makes you different from others??

I reached home, took a shower and played some Jordanian songs, checking my social media channels and watching TV all at the same time. Leave behind that its really strange i'm not in party as its weekend but everything is going well.

It's pretty tough to ask yourself these questions because you are rapping your mind with big thoughts, and you are trying too hard to find answers for all these questions.

I've sent this question to many friends as a broadcast on WhatsApp. Honestly, i didn't find a real answer, one of my favorite badass girl said: i'm different because i'm once in a lifetime and i don't compare my self to others. "Bill gates quote" But Mr. Gates, you were WRONG because we need to compare ourselves everyday, every minuet, every second! You must compare yourself to yourself yesterday and the day before, because in order to grow you need to know where you was yesterday and if you become a better person! Maybe they have different point of views which i always respect, but they didn't convince me not even 10%. Okay, 20% as i just received now an answer from a friend in Dubai and she said something make sense a bit.

From my standpoint, what make everyone of us different is our values. In fact, it's your value in life. And by saying value i don't mean believes, religion, better life nor peace.

It's what you bring to your life, what you add to your life and others, this is your value. In a different way, we don't get salaries every month because we worked a month!! No, we get paid because of the value we add to every month we work.   

We don't live once, we live everyday, think good of the value you add to everyday in your life because this is YOU and your value.

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